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Tummy Tuck Tape Method

Tummy Tuck Tape Method

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Are you tired of having that BELLY OVERHANG? Whether it be from a pregnancy, weight loss or gain, or simply genetics. Our TUMMY TUCK TAPE METHOD can help decrease the size of that overhang in just one application! We recommend 8 weekly applications for lasting results! 

Now you can enjoy a pain free, simple solution that only takes mere weeks to accomplish jaw dropping results.  Compared to surgery which is a nerve wracking experience with a lengthly healing process... usually up to 1 full year!!

Does it really work??
The short of it... YES!! It does.  Take a look at some of our clients amazing results!

Our successful clients are left astonished at how quickly and effectively our TUMMY TUCK TAPING METHOD retracted their belly over hang with zero pain or discomfort, AND in the matter of weeks.  

Support Tape combined with our trade marked method will have you seeing inches of unwanted loose skin retract within weeks. The key is to be consistent.  Stick with a regular weekly application schedule.  If you miss a week or you have a trip planned etc.  your results could suffer.  So time this treatment for when you are ready to commit to the process of getting rid of the belly over hang once and for all!!!

Still considering a Tummy Tuck Surgery? Great! Use our TUMMY TUCK TAPING method to increase the elasticity and thickness of the entire stomach area.  This is will prevent the dreaded "SHELF" from forming.  No one thinks about the thickness and texture of skin around the "problem area" and often end up with a laxity above the tummy tuck incision. That skin doesn't just magically become tight with a tummy tuck.  This can cause a "puff" or "shelf" to form. Don't believe us... look up "tummy tuck shelf". This is also very common with Caesarean incisions. This treatment should be done starting 2-3 months before surgery as well as after surgery starting  from 4or 6 weeks-12 weeks post op for the best possible results. 

SO, YESSS that means this method can work for you:
- if you've had surgery,
- if you've not had surgery,
- and literally for anyone with a belly bulge or belly overhang due to loose skin for any reason. 

What will you need to get started?
- TUMMY TUCK TAPING method online course
- 2 rolls of 4" Support Tape
- 2 rolls of 2" Support Tape
- 70% rubbing alcohol
- Sharp scissors
- Mirror
- Coconut oil 
- Plastic wrap

What is included in this course?
- Support Tape Theory: What is support tape, why and how it works, troubleshooting.
- TUMMY TUCK tape method video with detailed instructions presented as if you are having a 1-1 lesson with Amber herself (creator of support tape). 
- Gentle removal method instructions and video. 
- General treatment plan for best results 

Some things to consider for the best results:
- To continue weekly applications for 8 weeks minimum to achieve lasting results.
- To wear the support tape application for 5 days straight, shower, gym, swim, general life friendly. Then take 2 days off.
- To remove the tape by only following our gentle removal instructions to ensure no irritations in order to continue with your treatment plan. This will take 2 hours to complete.  Do not expect to rush the removal process.  It will delay your treatment and therefore effect your results. 
Coconut oil for removal only please, as this is the preferred and tested to be most successful oil, any brand will do.
- Support tape is waterproof, it will take 30 mins approx. to dry after getting wet.  
- Support tapes can start to peel away at the edges after a few days depending on your lifestyle. Simply trim the loose edges away and continue wearing them for the full 5 days. 

If you've read this far lovely, and you're still unsure just take a quick scroll back up to the results photos. 

What do have to lose?.. other than that stubborn loose skin??

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