How to remove Support Tape

How to remove Support Tape

Removal can be a tricky process.  On one hand you want your Support Tapes to hold you firmly and support skin retraction and then when it comes time to remove them, we want the tape to come off easily without any discomfort. Please never pull tapes off dry, this may result in irritations. 

Watch my tried and tested removal method for gentle removal of Support Tape.

You will need the following:

  • coconut oil
  • plastic wrap
  • 70% rubbing alcohol

Start by applying coconut oil to the entire surface area of the tapes.  Take your time with this and really make sure the tapes are completely soaked in the oil. 

Next wrap the tapes with plastic wrap and let the tapes soak for 2 hours  the longer the better.  Take this time to relax.

Once the tapes have soaked you can remove the plastic wrap and the tapes should pull away gently without discomfort.  If there are any small areas that are still stuck you can use 70% rubbing alcohol poured onto the specific spots to loosen the last bit of adhesive.




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